Wednesday, December 15, 2010


AC 01
*Rantai manik putih 'english classic look'
*price: RM9  NOW: RM6

AC 02
*Rantai crystal coklat. Sangat2 sesuai utk dipakai pegi kenduri.
*Price: RM18 NOW: RM12

AC 03
*Rantai manik hitam. Ada reben comel lagi.
*Price: RM10 NOW: RM7

AC 04, AC 05, AC 06
* Rantai tangan  
*Batu zircon original, bukan warna celup
*Price: RM24 NOW: RM20

AC 07, AC 08, AC 09
*Rantai tangan cantik
*Batu zircon original, tak celup2.
*Price: RM30 NOW: RM24

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Preloved Stuff

PR 01
*size: XL- can fit XXL
*This is Apple Red tee design. Just wore it a few times. 
* Too big for me. 
*condition: 8/10 
*price: RM9

PR 02
*size: L- can fit small XL
*South Field black singlet. 
*Just wore once time. Need to let it go. 
*condition: 10/10
*Price: RM10

PR 03
*size: XL (S also can wear it)
*Chocolate turqoise short sleeve tee. 
*bought from reject shop. Just wore less than 5 times. 
*condition: 9/10.
*price: RM10

PR 04 
*Size: S - can fit small XL
*BUM equipment sleeveless tee. 
*Can wear with inner. Very comfortable.
*Just wore it 3 times. 
*condition: 9/10

PR 05
*Size: M - XL
*Tized Red-orange tee. 
*Very comfortable cotton shirt.
*condition: 9/10
*Price: RM18

PR 06
* Size: M - small XL
*Scarlet knee-length blouse. 
*Very nice to wear with inner and legging.
*just wore it once time. Need to let it go since it cant fit me well (i am getting bigger..hehehhe)
*Condition: 10/10
*price: RM20

PR 07
*size: L (size S also can fix it)
*Trench-coat from RADIOACTIVE GIRLS.
*fashionable and comfortable cloth. just wore it twice. . 
*Very nice wear with inner and legging.
*condition: 10/10
*price: RM40 (retail price rm99)

PR 08
*Size: XS (can fit until L)
*Red sweater.  got same defected (faded area) at the back. 
*but it is comfortable.
*condition: 7/10
*price: RM9

PR 09
*Size: XXL (small cutting)
*Red Hot shirt from applemint. 
*strechable material. but comfortable. . 
*condition: 8/10
*price: RM10

PR 10
Size: XL
*Maroon tee with ruffle at the arm part. 
*very-very comfortable. 
*i love this tee very much. but to let it go since i need new tee for me. 
*condition: 7/10
*price: RM8

PR 11
*size: M (can fit until small XL)
*Grey ordinary tee. very comfort. 
*suitable for nite used and exercise.
*condition: 8/10
*price: RM 7

PR 12
*Size: free size
*marron tee with 3/4 length hand.
*have a small faded area (in green circle).
*condition: 7/10
*price: RM5



* 1 compartment, dalam ada 2 poket terbuka (boleh letak hp), 1 poket berzip 
* ruang beg sangat2 besar boleh diisi fail2 dan buku2
*sangat2 sesuai utk org yg bekerja, pelajar dan dibawak shopping (sumer benda boleh diisi!!)
Price:  RM110  NOW: RM90

* 1 comparment
*dalam ada 2 poket terbuka (boleh letak HP), 1 poket berzip, kat luar ada 1 poket berzip (boleh letak kunci kereta)
* this handbag is fancy look and suitable for student, for jalan2..everything can be put inside it!! 
Price: RM70  NOW : RM60
BG 03 - ELEGANT GUCCI (gred A+)
*hobo type handbag
*1 compartment
*dalam ada 2 poket terbuka (utk letak Hp), 1 poket berzip
* dapat 1 dustbag yg cantik (utk simpan beg dr rosak)
*sesuai utk dibawa berjalan (everything can be put inside it)
*seriously beg ni sangat2 cantik dan nampak sangat sophisticated
Price: RM120  NOW : RM100